Fan blades

We are prepared to give these incredibly resistant pieces all the care and attention they need.

Fan blades are one of the most iconic parts of an airplane engine. But they are also one of the most critical, as they are responsible for 80% of the engine’s thrust at take-off.


At TAP Maintenance & Engineering Shop, we are trusted with the repair of around 3,600 fan blades per year. 


In our Engine Shop, the ability to inspect and repair these parts is permanently increasing, due to our continuous search for technology innovation. An example of this is the 3D Scanner, which allows, along with other methods, to make a thorough inspection of a fan blade state. 


The Workshop also uses machines, shot peening, plasma and trowal (polishing), to make these parts as new and ready to return to their engines in perfect shape.


From the disassembly of the engine to the final assembly, here at the Engine Shop, fan blades go through several inspections, until they reach their perfect condition, ready to fly thousands of miles more.


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Fan blades

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